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From the ACLU

Thank (or Spank) Your Representative for their Vote on a Key PATRIOT
Act Provision

Last Tuesday, Congress began its revolt against the USA PATRIOT Act by
passing an amendment that would limit the use of "sneak and peek" search
warrants for your home. These search warrants, also called "black bag"
searches, allow government agents to secretly search homes, confiscate certain types of property and essentially bug computers without notifying the subject of the search that it is happening.

By voting to block the use of these searches, the House has taken an
important first step toward undoing the parts of the PATRIOT Act that invade our freedom. It is crucial that you give feedback to your Representative on his or her vote on this important amendment.

Click here to get information and to send a free fax to your

when you enter your zip it lets you know how your Representative voted.
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